Fitness is personal.

How you achieve it should be too.


For some, fitness is an all-out passion. Others just want to look and feel healthy. It's a personal choice unique to the individual. Its' not a choice that most gyms-or even many trainers-accommodate well, however,with a one-size-fits-all attitude that is anything but personal.

That's the challenge that drove me to be a personal trainer: the need for fitness options to go beyond "sweat", "push" and "lose the fat", to "move", "breath", "feel inspired." A routine that give you both the tools and the motivation to reach your fitness goals-whatever those goals maybe.

I work only with individuals and small groups, to ensure that every person finds the workout that suits him or her best. After assessing your fitness level now and discussing what you hope to achieve, I develop a personalized program that uses ACSM methods and incorporates techniques or trends that inspire you. My goal is to help you reach yours.


One-on-One Training

For every client, the first meeting is a complimentary fitness assessment. We begin with a discussion of your exercise history and what improvements we can make to better fit your needs and goals.

Together, we will develop a program that includes strength training, cardio and, if possible specific fitness trends that you are excited about, to ensure we create a regimen that both fits into your schedule and motivates you to keep training.

Group Training

Small group classes offer all of the fun and engagement of group exercise with the personal attention of an individual training session.

Classes are limited to 5 people, to ensure each person get the guidance needed to both enjoy the work and meet his or her goals.

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